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A Few Key Components Of What

Lumon Fit Can Do For You!

  • Storage Storage

    All data is stored in the Lumon Fit App and on the iCloud

    Calendar Calendar

    Integrates with your iPad calendar for easy scheduling

    Assessment Assessment

    Provides suggestions for what assessments should be performed based on inputted information

    Photos Photos

    Take "before, during, after" photos to track progress; view photos on GRID background to determine misalignments of the body in seconds

  • Excercise Excercise

    Updates with suggestions/ precautions concerning your client based on inputted info and assessment results. App prescribes the whole rehab/exercise program for you—Including pictures and video links

    Library Library

    Utilize our comprehensive exercise library and/or add your own favorite exercises

    "To-Go" Exercise Program "To-Go" Exercise Program

    Quickly and eciently send programs to your clients far away. Include YouTube video links and detailed descriptions

    Print & Email Print & Email

    Templates, assessment, exercise prescriptions, progress reports, documents, and notes can be printed out wirelessly or sent via e-mail

  • Notes Notes

    Create client-specific notes

    AssesmentPhoto Library Assesment Photo Library

    View all client's assessment photos easily organized by type, date taken, etc

    Calculations Calculations

    All calculations are automatic and done in seconds (body fat %, VO2, BMI, ratios, averages, body fat mass.

    Progress Report Progress Report

    Receive very detailed progress reports in seconds! All the info explained in full detail for clients
    to easily understand

  • Excercise Add Feedback

    Need more? You can suggest: exercises, templates, charts, etc. to be permanently added to
    the application

    Library Saves Time

    By automating all the data within the app, you will save countless hours every week! No paperwork = More time for clients = More $$$ for you

    "To-Go" Exercise Program Cool Factor

    Ditch the clipboard and move to Lumon Fit!

    Print & Email Level of Service

    Lumon Fit is the perfect tool for all services of fitness and rehabilitation. Just tap the screen and the app does the work for you

"Ditch the clipboard!"

About the Lumon Fit App

The ultimate comprehensive tool for trainers and physical therapists.

Who was it developed for?

  • Physical Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Doctors
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Physiologists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Students pursuing degrees in:
    • exercise science
    • rehabilitation
    • the medical field
  • Physical Education Teachers

Why was it developed?

  • To drastically reduce the amount of injuries within fitness,wellness, sports and recreational facilities
  • To make good, solid professionals GREAT
  • To save an immense amount of time
  • To eliminate paper use
  • To educate people who want to be in the fields of wellness, fitness, rehabilitation or sports
  • To keep track of patient/client data

Why you’ll want to use it?

If you are serious about working in wellness, fitness, rehabilitation or in the sports industries and want to provide an astonishing level of service every day, this is a tool you MUST have. It will be your best friend in your every day professional life. The moment you start using LUMON FIT, it will begin conforming to meet your needs. The longer you use it, the more it reflects your own strategies and patterns, and therefore the more valuable it becomes to your profession.


The LUMON FIT application has been designed to benefit people within the rehabilitation, wellness and fitness realms. The application uses scientific rationale that is derived from current industry standards. All calculations, procedure descriptions and existing algorithms represent a science-based approach.


What people think of

“Looking for a Fitness App? Try Lumon Fit!”

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Coach Billy
Author of OVERLOAD – “Fitness, Sports, and Coaching resources for a better YOU” blog.


“I call it my portable office! I’m referring to the Lumon Fit App”

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Gail Forrester
Health/Fitness Professional
Certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach


“As a professor, personal trainer, and a gym manager I have been looking for some sort of app to help meet my administrative and evaluative needs for a long time”

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Riley Ross
NSCA-CPT, NASM-PES, FNS, MMA Conditioning Specialist, General Manager
Reign Training Center,


“I had the opportunity to participate to a demonstration of the LUMON FIT software conducted by Lukasz Monka and I was impressed about the quality and novelty of the product.”

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Marco Meucci Ph.D.
University of Rome “Foro Italico”

From The Blog

Lumon Fit 1.8 is launched

New features include: Users will be able to adjust and review information of existing clients without being connected to WiFI. Each exercise in Exercise Library will be email-able and printable along with all added pictures. Adding alphabetic search feature throughout the application Ability to enter addresses from all around the world, not just USA. Export […]

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About Lumon Productions

LUMON Productions is a software development company that was founded in Florida by Lukasz Monka in 2012. Our mission is to use technology in an array of disciplines and to create extremely approachable products. These products are designed to provide simple, one-touch solutions for detailed and seemingly complicated assignments. We want to equip our clients with time-saving tools. We believe our products allow you to invest less time and achieve more impressive results.

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