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Personal Training and Coaching is more than just counting reps and sets, and shouting motivational quotes to your clients or athletes for the duration of the workout session. To ensure a safe, efficient, and effective workout, the Personal Trainer and Coach must be equipped with in-depth knowledge of exercise science that can be applied and individualized for the benefit of the client. Trainers and even coaches need to be aware of fitness test standards and norms and be able to relate it to their clients or athletes so that they can set attainable goals and design well periodized training programs. They also need to be well-versed with various exercise and equipment to keep each training session not just effective but also creative and enjoyable. Any needed information is easily available today with the use of the internet but this does not ensure the accuracy, relevance, and effectiveness of the information that search engines may show you.

What is Lumon Fit?

Lumon Fit is an intelligent software application that provides fitness professionals not just the every day information that they need, but also the capability to analyze, assess, and apply the collaborated data for a more efficient and accurate training program. The first time I tried Lumon Fit for myself…continue reading »

Coach Billy
Author of OVERLOAD – “Fitness, Sports, and Coaching resources for a better YOU” blog.

I call it my portable office!! I’m referring to the Lumon Fit Application. Gone are the days of file folders, clip board and paper work! The Lumon Fit app provides a secure way to store your files of exercise release forms, health history, assessments, and exercise programs and be available on your portable device. The administrative side of a health/fitness professional is very detailed and tedious however it is imperative that we maintain these files accurately. The Lumon Fit app does it ALL! It is your personal assistant with the touch of a button. The Lumon Fit application will store your records, provide detailed instruction on executing assessments and suggest the appropriate exercises based on the results.

I’m most impressed with how efficiently I can enter my clients information and health history and best of all directly email them. The Lumon Fit app adds that wow factor when communicating with clients . The ability to run reports, track their progress and provide specific visualization with clients programs is a huge benefit!

The extensive library of exercises and recommended exercise based on the assessment is impressive but also allows you to customize it. The Lumon Fit app certainly raises the bar within the industry and will allow those using the App the ability to offer a higher level of service to their clients.

Gail Forrester
Health/Fitness Professional
Certified Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

As a professor, personal trainer, and a gym manager I have been looking for some sort of app to help meet my administrative and evaluative needs for a long time. After examining and acquiring the LUMONFIT app, I have been BLOWN AWAY by the scope of things you can do within this app! Everything from the detailed assessments to the PAR-Q and legal forms make documentation a breeze! Do not waste your money or time trying to integrate several different apps together as I did before, invest into LUMONFIT and I assure you that you’ll never need to go with anything else again!

Also, I had a number of questions that I couldn’t figure out on the app and I put in a customer service and all requests were answered within 24 hours. I was so impressed with their customer service and their care for my needs. Thank you LUMONFIT!

Riley Ross
NSCA-CPT, NASM-PES, FNS, MMA Conditioning Specialist
General Manager
Reign Training Center

I had the opportunity to participate to a demonstration of the LUMON FIT software conducted by Lukasz Monka and I was impressed about the quality and novelty of the product.

LUMON FIT software is intuitive and easy to use because it uses a simple logic to organize the complex matrix of data that a professional manages every day. By using the software, seasoned professionals will receive an important help in communicate with clients and quickly manage the significant amount of data accumulated over the years saving precious time and improving the quality of the service. On the other hand, young professionals can rely upon a well-structured guided path to avoid mistakes and prevent oversights, having also available a wide and reliable database of information in a single iPad.

LUMON FIT software provides also an important support to those who are afraid to start practicing physical activity without the constant supervision of the specialist. The file report of the visits and the related exercise program can be sent by the trainer or by the clinician via e-mail in a PDF format and they are structured in such a way that anyone can easily understand and reproduce the exercises by consulting reliable sources on the web and/or exhaustive pictures.

Moreover, I believe that this software thanks to its reliability and simplicity, could be used by University Professors and Instructors as a didactic tool to teach applied exercise sciences for labs and refreshers courses.

I strongly support this software and I recommend it to all professionals that work in the area of fitness, wellness and health care.

Marco Meucci Ph.D.
University of Rome “Foro Italico”

After having the opportunity to evaluate the LUMON FIT software, the best word to describe it is “revolutionary.” While this software system can be used in both the rehabilitation and fitness industries, my evaluation took place through the lens of the latter. Among the many aspects of the program that stood out to me were 1) ease of use, 2) convenience, and 3) client impact.

Anyone who is familiar with the use of an iPhone or iPad will have a little to zero learning curve in using this software. Because Apple has designed the iPad to be easy to use, even individuals who have no prior knowledge of its use will still be able to learn the LUMON FIT software quickly. Once one learns where the dashboard is, the majority of the focus will be on the main menu on the left hand side of the device. This is where all the information gathering tools are located. Assessment tools are incredibly simple to use and also provide education if the fitness professional needs a refresher.

Besides the program being easy to use, it makes information on all clients convenient to retrieve and store. LUMON FIT makes all of this information retrievable instantly anywhere the iPad can access the internet. If a fitness professional chooses to use the e-mail function, all client information can also be sent electronically to a database if one wishes to access information on a separate computer. This function may be helpful in situations where multiple trainers in the same club are required to keep client documents in one common location. The e-mail function will also allow professionals to electronically send workouts to their clients, allowing greater control over a client’s health when they need to be away.

Lastly, the potential impact on the client may be the most important design feature in LUMON FIT. Everyone likes to measure progress, and without a great system the design of client progress reports can take a considerable amount of time. LUMON FIT allows a professional to instantly create a PDF file progress report over any range of dates. A report for a 3-month client can be created just as easily as a 5-year client. Both can be generated in roughly 30 seconds. In addition, the report is professional in appearance and is impeccably organized.

LUMON FIT is unlike any other fitness tool on the market. This program will allow professionals to increase the cost of their training sessions, thereby increasing revenue, while delivering service at a higher level.

There are many more unique features located within the LUMON FIT program. This software has the power to change the standards in the fitness industry as a more accurate and less time consuming tool to assess clients, generate workouts, track progress and store information. This product receives my highest recommendation for any fitness professional wishing to provide more to their clients.

Kevin Caldabaugh
Director of Fitness
John’s Island Club, Vero Beach Florida

“The Lumon Fit application is an essential resource for any trainer serious about providing the best for their clients. Its comprehensive approach takes the guesswork and paperwork out of training, so you can focus on what truly matters, helping your client achieve results! Lumon Fit does a wonderful job guiding you through each step of the training process. I was very impressed with how thorough and well organized the program is presented; making it easy to navigate with everything you need right at your fingertips for simple and convenient use.

“Using Lumon Fit, I can store all my client files, for an unlimited number of clients, including contact information, detailed health history questionnaire, and optional physician release forms in one portable and accessible device. Plus, adding clients to my schedule is done easily with the integrated calendar and email confirmations. After completing the client information section, you can choose to complete an array of assessments for muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, and flexibility, as well as blood pressure, percent body fat, circumference measurements, etc. Each assessment has detailed instructions on how to perform it correctly for accuracy and reliability. The results are easy to read and explanations of the results are given along with normative values for easy interpretation.

“One of the features I found most helpful was the way Lumon Fit takes specific information about your client based on their health history and fitness assessments and then recommends specific exercises designed to meet your client’s needs. This is a great framework that you can follow exactly or have the freedom to select what you want and add your own notes and exercises. With excellent video demonstrations and detailed descriptions, you can be sure you are correctly instructing your client. You can also incorporate your own photos and videos to add your own personal touch. The exercise log ensures accurate tracking and recording of sessions. When you are ready to retest your client, you can easily add a new test under fitness assessments, and with one click, Lumon Fit will create a detailed progress report with great visuals and explanations to keep your clients motivated and goal oriented. Everything can be emailed or printed for easy sharing, plus it’s all password protected and backed up on iCloud, so there’s no worrying if you break or lose your device.

“I found Lumon Fit to be much more than a time saving way to record and organize client data; it is a uniquely intelligent application that assists you in developing and implementing a personalized program for your clients. Whether you are a novice trainer looking to advance your training methods or an experienced trainer wanting to streamline and improve efficiency and results, I highly recommend this application. A true innovation for the wellness/fitness industry, Lumon Fit provides the highest standard of professionalism. A must have!”

Nina Markil M.S.
Exercise Physiologist and Professional Trainer

I had the pleasure of evaluating the complete version of the LUMON FIT software, and I found it to be extremely interesting and groundbreaking. This application presents a revolutionary new concept that is designed for more than just storing patient information on a database. It is intended to be more of a “live” chart for any person in need of rehabilitation or training. This application is complex and useful for many reasons:

  1. It is a source of information for both patient and therapist, particularly in tracking the progress of the rehabilitation or training process.
  2. It is very comprehensive, because it includes practically all aspects of modern rehabilitation, from simple physical therapy to cardio-pulmonary rehab.
  3. It provides guidelines for the patient’s complete rehabilitation progress.
  4. The therapist has the capability to review the patient’s progress at any time and determine what type of therapy is most suitable, or what therapy is not recommended for a particular patient.
  5. It is a wonderful, educational tool for both patient and therapist.
  6. It could also be used as an educational tool for perspective or new practitioners.
  7. It is not just a list of written information; it includes illustrated assessments and forms of rehabilitation, and it uses animated examples to illustrate how to implement the correct procedures.
  8. The design allows it to be used in any study or research related projects.
  9. The most time-consuming parts of this software are the assessment of the patient and the entry of data. Undoubtedly, these are both necessary in any therapy. The collection of specific and accurate information will lead to a successful rehabilitation in a timely manner. The other benefit of data collection is having access to a pool of recommendations with regards to a specific therapy. This comes in handy, particularly during the first consultation or whenever there are communication difficulties between the therapist and the patient. This data collection is a working manual for both patient and therapist. This information can be kept not only by the therapist or the rehabilitation facility, but it can also be stored and accessed on the patient’s iPad, iPhone, etc. This open way of communication between the patient and the therapist can be the key to a successful recovery.
  10. This application is not limited to its own design. It gives access to other sources of information and communication. In the health care field, there is a constant learning process. New breakthrough methods and discoveries are taking place every day. Being able to keep up with the modern world has always been a crucial issue for any health care/fitness professional. This application is definitely a great tool for accessing information.
  11. This particular application also provides the patient and the therapist with a link for suggestions and feedback. This will help the programmers make improvements and adjustments to the application.
  12. I must also point out that availability, cost, and access to technical support also play a major role when it comes to this application.

Overall, this application has great potential to change the standard way of practice in the field of physical therapy because it is a modern, unique, and more accurate tool for assessment and treatment. I am highly recommending this application for wide use in the health care industry.

Gregory Anoufriev, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor Anatomy and Physiology Course Coordinator
Dept. of Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science College of Health Sciences
Appalachian State University

Top 5 Apps for Personal Trainers – Lumon Fit

Key features:

  • Comprehensive tools for setting up new clients
  • Tiered payments depending on the amount of clients
  • Vast exercise library with step by step photo guides

One of Lumon Fit’s core aims is to get personal trainers to “ditch the clipboard” and it succeeds in a few interesting ways.

Firstly, setting up a new client is intuitive and seamless, allowing you input as much or as little data as you require. Also included is a Par-Q and medical history section, and various assessments including: postural, muscle, strength, agility, balance, and cardiovascular.

The exercise library allows you to easily build a programme for a client, with the added flexibility of being able to add in your own custom routines complete with descriptions, photos and videos.

Lumon is initially free to download, but to get any real use out of the app, you’ll need to subscribe. Prices start from £32 per year for up to 5 clients, while £128, the top tier, allows you to store an unlimited amount of clients.

Health and Fitness Education

About Lumon Productions

LUMON Productions is a software development company that was founded in Florida by Lukasz Monka in 2012. Our mission is to use technology in an array of disciplines and to create extremely approachable products. These products are designed to provide simple, one-touch solutions for detailed and seemingly complicated assignments. We want to equip our clients with time-saving tools. We believe our products allow you to invest less time and achieve more impressive results.

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